I am afraid of quantum computing, and so should you

“I am afraid of quantum computing, and so should you”

Alternatively, the phrase Quantum Computing in this sentence can be replaced with Metaverse, Blockchain-Crypto, 5G, AI-ML, and it will match any related trend your network members are promoting with fear, as it’s sad to admit — fear promotes 3x to 10x more traffic on social media, than good announcements.

There is no question that when a new era in the technology cycle begins, pros and cons are presented and communicated. However, when progress is being made and the hype is building, the fear hype is just as great, or even greater.

Evolution pace vs Technology pace

We live in the fastest paced era in history…and it is only getting faster. Yet as human brain evolution hasn’t progressed much faster in the past 30–40 years. It’s hard to welcome new technologies, when your daily life is not wired for that yet — with the right infrastructure, knowledge and limited availability to test and explore further. Education is the best first step to not only get us ready once Tech is commercially available, but also to make us active players in shaping tech application evolution, based on what we need, rather than what others think we need.

Education, Education, Education

A growing number of quantum courses have been developed with a focus on engineering, finance, and chemistry since 2020. From disease research to diagnostic and treatment, Healthcare has the greatest potential to benefit from Quantum Technologies. Nevertheless, we are merely at the beginning, and there are not many applications or use cases that could enable people to visualize the potential, as well as help in the development of new tools.

This is why our team of volunteers in QT4HC, has gathered together in order to build an education path for the medical community — from general information sharing, to segments exploration- we are working on projects that will promote learning, roundtables and brainstorming groups with the goal to encourage curiosity, create a discussion sandbox, and most importantly — to reduce the cautious attitude.

Rather than read about it, be a part of it

If you are medical researchers/practitioners, who consider yourself more curious than cautious, join our community of medical researchers who wish to improve their understanding on how Quantum could be embedded in their near future tool box.

Link to our community Quantum Talks for Medical Science

Are you interested in becoming more involved and helping us to spread the word? Join QT4HC as an Evangelist or a writer. We learn-as-we-go and pass it forward. We have a large number of projects lined up, and we are looking for medical researchers to help us explore this further as part of a global creative team of enthusiasts. Check our page weekly for new roles openings around the globe.

Link to Quantum Tech for Healthcare hub page: QT4HC PAGE

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